Vine Bar Table

Vine Bar Table

Vine Bar Table is the perfect addition to any space. This stylish table comes with a frame made of either walnut or beechwood, offering durability and a natural, timeless aesthetic. Additionally, the Vine Bar Table offers a wide range of top materials, including walnut or beechwood for a natural and warm look, as well as lacquered or laminated MDF, HPL, or white or black marble tops.

Not only does this variety of materials give you plenty of options to choose from in terms of style and practical needs, it ensures that the table is built to last. Furthering its longevity are frame finish options like solid walnut or beechwood, as well as black or white lacquered steel, chromed, carbon, copper, or brass. You have ample opportunity to customize it according to your personal taste and the specific requirements of your space.

This makes it suitable for versatile applications spanning from breakfast nooks to bar areas. You can even mix and match different frame finishes and top materials to create a truly unique piece that adds character to your space.

Width Height Depth
710 900 700

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