Kenji Armchair

Kenji Armchair

The Kenji armchair is a perfect fit for those who are always on the lookout for something adaptable. With its modular design, this armchair caters to all your needs, ensuring an effortless addition to any living space. Whether it’s a small studio flat or a spacious home, the Kenji armchair can fit in anywhere with absolute ease. Its versatility ensures that you can create a customised seating arrangement for any occasion.

There are two versions of this chair available. The first version features a solid steel rod with a thickness of 6 mm (0.26 inches) for a sleek and sturdy look. The second version has an intricate hand-woven finish using braided rope made of high resistance polyester, with a thickness of 24 mm (0.94 inches), offering a more textured design.

The chair is made with high resistance rope with a thickness of 7 mm (0.27 inches), ensuring its durability and stability. The possibilities are endless with the Kenji armchair, making it a reliable piece of furniture that you can rely on for years to come.

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