Harbour-Product 04 W copy

The Harbour-Product 04 W copy console table brings an inspired twist to modern design. This accent piece pairs an airy white frame with an oak wood tabletop for an innovative two-tone look.

Four tapered legs provide a graceful foundation, while two subtly integrated drawers offer discreet storage for entryway or living room essentials. Their plain fronts maintain the table’s light and contemporary aesthetic.

Understated metal hardware in a brushed nickel finish adds an elegant touch. This console’s crisp white finish and oak top allow it to complement vibrant or neutral surroundings with ease.

Meticulously handcrafted using only premium materials, this is furniture built to last through years of use. Place it behind sofas or against walls to bring stylish utility anywhere.

Let the Harbour-Product 04 W copy console table bring elevated style to your space. With its fresh mixed materials design and hidden storage, this accent piece makes modern sophistication beautifully accessible.

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