Harbour-Product 01 W copy

Distinguish your personal style with the Harbour-Product 01 W copy Wardrobe. This luxury storage solution blends sophistication and functionality for the ultimate bedroom showpiece.


The regal empire silhouette lends an air of refinement with its elegant curved top edges, while the split double door design creates visual interest. The left full length door and two right doors with square middle open to reveal abundant storage space for your wardrobe essentials.

Its rich woodgrain finish in a neutral, versatile tone allows this wardrobe to complement any colour scheme from bold hues to tranquil neutrals. Meticulous details like minimalist fascias and coordinating hardware speak to the wardrobe’s premier quality craftsmanship.

Built by artisans to endure for years, this timeless wardrobe suits traditional bedrooms and infuses modern spaces with a touch of classic luxury. Its high-end aesthetic elevates your suite while keeping your clothing and belongings organised.

Make an unforgettable style statement and enjoy ample storage with the stately Harbour-Product 01 W copy Wardrobe. With its exquisite form and impeccable function, this wardrobe defines your space in the most elegant way.

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