Gannon Chair

Gannon Chair

The Gannon Chair is a stunning and practical addition to any outdoor area. The chair’s design, inspired by the Mediterranean style, showcases graceful and curvaceous shapes that bring a sense of refinement to the surroundings. Crafted by experts, the Gannon Chair boasts a timeless design that has been enhanced for maximum comfort and ergonomics, making it an excellent choice for extended periods of relaxation.

Constructed using high-quality materials that can withstand varying weather conditions, the chair features a painted stainless steel frame and a meticulously hand-woven seat and backrest made from 7 mm thick high-resistance rope.

Its design guarantees durability and robustness, rendering it ideal for outdoor use. Should one desire an additional touch of sophistication, the chair can be customised upon request with sapele wood legs certified by FSCĀ®, transforming it into a truly distinctive addition to any setting.

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