Bespoke joinery for hotels

Bespoke joinery crafted for hotels

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Hotels, being the epitome of luxury and comfort, require a meticulous approach to design and furnishing. At Style & Finch, we provide bespoke joinery solutions tailored for hotels that yearn to stand out in the midst of competition. With a commitment to infusing the latest trends in hotel design and a penchant for detail, our bespoke joinery services are truly unparalleled.

Why Opt for Bespoke Joinery in Hotels?

At Style & Finch, we have a diverse range of hotel furniture that caters to various styles, from contemporary chic to vintage elegance.

  • Customised Solutions: Each hotel has its unique narrative, brand values, and aesthetic sensibilities. Bespoke joinery ensures that every piece of furniture, from reception desks to lobby seating, resonates with the hotel’s distinct narrative.
  • Quality and Durability: Hotels want furniture that not only looks excellent but also endures. Our specialised joinery team creates items that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable using handcrafted methods and premium materials.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond the furniture, our solutions encompass commercial spaces like hotel restaurant design, bars, and communal areas. We integrate lighting, upholstered furniture, and equipment to create cohesive, functional, and captivating spaces.

Our Bespoke Joinery Services

Design Consultation: It all begins with understanding your vision. Our specialists meet with hotel representatives to grasp the brand’s essence, individual requirements, and design aspirations.

Crafting Perfection: Once we agree on the design, our staff carefully creates each bespoke item. We meticulously adhere to the hotel’s theme, making sure that the furnishings, storage options, and even the smallest design components complement the atmosphere as a whole.

End-to-End Services: From initial project discussions to final installation, we manage every stage of the process. Our project managers work closely with clients, ensuring that the project is executed flawlessly, keeping in mind the comfort of the guests.

Why Choose Style & Finch?

  • Experience: Having worked on myriad projects across various hotels, our expertise in bespoke joinery for commercial spaces is unmatched. Our portfolio, which includes our impeccable hotel bedroom furniture collection, speaks volumes of our commitment to excellence.
  • Range of Solutions: Whether it’s the reception, the restaurant, the bars, or the lobby, our range of solutions ensures that every corner of the hotel exudes charm and functionality.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At the heart of our services is the aspiration to fulfil our clients’ visions. We ensure our designs and projects are in sync with our client’s goals and guest expectations.